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Movement analysis key to successful forex trading

by joe Chalhoub on Jun 22, 2011 Forex Trading Analysis 295 Views

By Steve Hester: Principal of demand and supply applies to any market and forex trading is no exception. Because this market deals in currencies, excess demand of a currency raises its price and excess supply of the currency lowers its price. All this seems pretty simple

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Forex Trend Following Catching the Triple Digit Profit Opportunities

by Darian Sheppard on Jun 23, 2011 Forex Discussions 466 Views

By Samuel Leslie Berkovits: Most traders focus on trying to catch short term moves as they think its lower risk and higher reward but the best risk to reward is hitting and holding the big trends and its easy to make money from Forex trend following, if you keep these points in mind

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Forex Trading Mistakes - 10 Major Reasons Why Most Forex Traders Fail To Make Money In The Forex Mar

by Darian Sheppard on Jun 24, 2011 Forex Discussions 341 Views

By Daniel S: Have you ever wondered why is it that very few traders succeed in the forex trading market while 90% of forex traders fail to achieve success? Below are 10 major reasons: 1. Looking for Easy and Quick Money I have to stress that foreign currency trading i

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News Trading (Part II)

by Mary MacArthur on Jun 23, 2011 Forex Trading Strategies 413 Views

By Ahmad Hassam: There are many strategies for news trading. Unfortunately there are a lot of news events in the forex world. These news releases often disrupt the short term currency markets. Quarterly reports carry more weight than the weekly and monthly news. Sometimes

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Forex Trading Systems - Faster Execution Means Increased Trade Volumes

by vectramind on Jun 23, 2011 Forex Trading Systems 243 Views

By Michael Hogan: Before the automation of the Forex market, exchange-traded futures market was the first to switch on automation. Then, the traders on the Interbank spot FX market decided to catch up with the latest trend and moved too to the new system. Automated Forex t

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Top Forex Trading Indicators for successful trading

by Mirko Simic on Jun 21, 2011 Forex Trading Experience 333 Views

By Pro Indicators: If want your Forex trading to become successful, then there is a need for Forex indicators. These will help you in achieving an improved marketing timing together with the trading signals. There are some Forex trading indicators that are considered as the

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Unbeatable Tactics With Forex Trading Charts

by Mirko Simic on Jun 23, 2011 Forex Trading Experience 164 Views

By simon warney: Learn to profit from the Foreign exchange charts merchants use to determine market traits, forecasts and behaviors, as a result of information is power.

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Forex Trading Helps

ETF Cash Trading System

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Forex Trading Strategy

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Forex Trend Profits EA Portfolio Package

Trading Strategy is based on Keltner Channel & Bollinger Bands Indicators. The EA detects major trend forming on a Pair and Initiates a Buy/Sell Order

Stock Analyzer: BTMA Stock Spreadsheet

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