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Forex Scalping and Day Trading Success How to Win and Generate a Monthly Income

by Mary MacArthur on Jul 01, 2010 Forex Trading Strategies 305 Views

By Samuel Lesley Berkovits: If you look online you will see numerous vendors selling promising you day trading and scalping success but what do you need to win? Let's find out... The industry that surrounds forex scalping and day trading that sells systems is huge and it sounds very

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Trading Forex - new oil currency

by Mirko Simic on Jul 02, 2010 Forex Trading Experience 473 Views

By Mike P Kulej: With oil prices seemingly reaching new highs daily, a lot of Forex market participants have been trying to use this fact as a proxy for currency trading. General consensus is that some national currencies are correlated, to some degree, to major commoditi

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Choosing Your Foreign Exchange Trading Platform

by Mark Mc Donnell on Jul 02, 2010 Forex Software & Tools 423 Views

By Cedric Welsch: Using a foreign exchange trading platform helps you conduct your business much easier because it almost keeps your trading game automated. One of the best things about a trading platform is that you can easily customize it to suit your business needs. The

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The importance of using stops in forex trading

by Mirko Simic on Jul 01, 2010 Forex Trading Experience 260 Views

By Jay Meisler: Copyright (c) 2009 Jay Meisler I did not plan to write on this topic again but the recent fall in the dollar illustrates how important it is to trade with stops. I have been in the forex market for many years and it still amazes me to see traders trade wi

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Platforms which you can trade form anywhere

by Mark Mc Donnell on Jul 02, 2010 Forex Software & Tools 465 Views

By Glen Johnson: If your not always near a desktop, and your tired of missing great opportunities in the Forex market. Than this tool can be very helpful, as it doesn't differ from other desktop platforms.

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Forex unit LiteForex - the forex market basics. Chapter I

by anthony mullen on Jul 01, 2010 About Forex 551 Views

By Alex Po: Trade is almost certainly as old as humans race itself.

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How to Manage Forex Market Risks

by Darian Sheppard on Jul 01, 2010 Forex Discussions 306 Views

By Chloe Miller: It is essential for every trader to understand that Forex (foreign exchange) market is a volatile and risky market. It is always advisable to only invest in money that you can afford to lose and regard it as 'risk capital'. The risks can be highly substan

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