Day Trading - The Chart Illusion That Will Wipe Your Equity Out!

By Sacha Tarkovsky: Day trading in forex and shares is extremely popular, however there is an illusion that day traders fall for that can and does wipe them out. Continue reading →

by Valerie Jackson on Dec 19, 2014 Forex Discussions 657 Views

Making a Living in Forex Trading

By Scott Shubert: Often people ask me if it is really possible to make a living trading the Forex market. I would have to say that it is definitely not possible to merely make a living unless you have no idea of what simple trading money management is Continue reading →

by Brandon Lee on Dec 19, 2014 About Forex 1593 Views

Online currency Trading - A Simple Way To Build Huge Profits

By Sacha Tarkovsky: If you want to engage in online currency trading then your aim is to make big profits - you have to risk more so the only reason to trade is to make more big gains. Most currency traders fail to do this as they don't understand risk and reward, so here we Continue reading →

by Jack Freeman on Dec 19, 2014 About Forex 910 Views

Is Forex Trading The Best Way To Invest Money?

By Dave Steiner: There are many things deemed to be the best way to invest money, but in all honesty the answer differs depending on what you are wanting that investment to do. If you are looking for an opportunity to make you large amounts of profit from your investme Continue reading →

by Administrator on Dec 19, 2014 Forex Investments 477 Views

Swing Trading With Elliot Wave For Bigger Forex Profits

By Monica Hendrix: Elliot wave is one of the most popular methods of trading and although originally devised for the stock market swing trading with Elliot wave is very popular with forex traders. Let's look at swing trading with Elliot Wave in more detail Elliott W Continue reading →

by Brandon Lee on Dec 19, 2014 Forex Trading Strategies 1412 Views

Lack Of Forex Education A Major Cause Of Failure

By Michael A Jones: Lack of thorough Forex education can be costly. Some new traders open a mini-account and immediately throw $5,000 at it, jump in and get their feet wet. Within 3 months or less the account is finished. What happened? There is a lot of hype surrou Continue reading →

by Brandon Lee on Dec 19, 2014 Forex Education 569 Views

Making Forex Investments - Facts You Need To Be Aware Of

By Sandra Stammberger: If you are an investor, who believes in constant investment in diverse markets, forex investment could be profitable business for you. Forex , which deals with the currencies of different countries, is a market in which traders make a profit based on the Continue reading →

by Administrator on Dec 19, 2014 Forex Investments 692 Views
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