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The Top 5% Forex Traders' secrets

by Mirko Simic on Jul 12, 2011 Forex Trading Experience 391 Views

By Joel Gardner: Ever wonder what sets the world's best Forex traders apart from the average Joe who's happy to earn a little each month? Clearly, the top traders are doing something differently from the rest of us or we'd all be like them. While no one can promise follow

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Forex Trading Essentials - Follow These 8 Steps to Become a Successful Forex Trader

by Mirko Simic on Jul 13, 2011 Forex Trading Experience 384 Views

By Daniel S: Almost everyone wished to be successful in forex trading, but has anyone planned on the path to be a successful currency trader? I believe not many. If you have not or not sure how to plan, below are the steps that can lead you to the path of success in f

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FOREX: Target for Scams

by Orna Hen on Jul 14, 2011 Forex Scam 588 Views

By Steven Magill: Financial transactions between one or more countries usually occur in the foreign exchange market. FX and FOREX are two of the terms used interchangeably within this market. The Forex markets are defined as the buying and selling of currencies between cou

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Basics of Trading the Forex Market: FX Terminology

by Danielle Franklin on Jul 15, 2011 Forex Education 234 Views

By John Rhodes: Price Quotes: Base Currency / Quote Currency All transactions are based in pairs, buying one and selling another. The first currency quoted is called the base currency, while the second one quoted is called the quote currency. As an example, here is a typ

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Is The US Dollar Headed For A Reversal

by joe Chalhoub on Jul 15, 2011 Forex Trading Analysis 415 Views

By Mark Carlson: Traders in the Forex market are currently short the dollar right now but I believe this could be a big mistake. I understand this is a completely contrarian view and that the outlook for the dollar is lousy. However, I have 5 reasons why I think the dolla

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The basic Notions of Forex Fundamental Analysis

by Danielle Franklin on Jul 12, 2011 Forex Education 205 Views

By John Gragson: There are two types of analysis applied for the financial markets research: technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Both of them work perfectly for the forex market as well. It is assumed that as far as forex technical analysis is concerned, the key

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How to Get Profit from Forex

by Darian Sheppard on Jul 11, 2011 Forex Discussions 217 Views

By Jamshed dasti: Forex trading, as one of the leading bazaars worldwide, is a very lucrative prospect and it can bring huge profits to traders. Forex trading can also be very risky, specially to the new inexperienced traders. That is why every trader should trade smart an

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