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Let a Professional Manage Your Forex Account

by Ryan Ferrer on Feb 16, 2008 Forex Investments 389 Views

By Mike LaVallee: Because forex trading is such a complicated business, there are many systems in place to help new or cautious traders get involved without going bankrupt. There are mini accounts that let you invest only small amounts of money, and there are even automate

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Forex Traders: How They Really Make Money

by Lily Webstudent on Feb 17, 2008 Trading as a Business 435 Views

By Harold Hsu: It's a common misconception among new traders that one needs to win in most of their trades in order to become profitable. As much as this sounds ideal, it's unfortunately quite far from the truth about how traders really make money... You see, all trader

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Forex Market Information

by anthony mullen on Feb 18, 2008 About Forex 763 Views

By T Houser: Foreign exchange market thrives on forex information. The market is highly sensitive to all the news, which influences the price movement of currencies. It is also sensitive to the potential factors that may have a huge effect on currency pricing trends.

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How To Choose A Forex Trading Software

by Mark Mc Donnell on Feb 19, 2008 Forex Software & Tools 530 Views

By Han Ming: This article hopes to give you the knowledge you need, to feel that you have a firm grasp on the subject. There are so many FOREX trading software existed online and offline. It's very hard to find FOREX trading sof

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Forex Trading: Are You Sure You're Trading For Money?

by Darian Sheppard on Feb 20, 2008 Forex Discussions 474 Views

By Harold Hsu: The one important thing you'll need to think about (as a trader) is WHY you're trading. It's a simple enough question, isn't it? But unfortunately, many traders don't understand themselves well enough to give an honest answer. Allow me to share with you w

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Forex Trading Psychology: Preparing Yourself

by Milan Stevan on Feb 21, 2008 Forex Psychology 578 Views

By Harold Hsu: Before the start of each trading day, take a few minutes of "quiet time" to yourself. Imagine yourself looking at the day's price fluctuations, and imagine yourself having one or two winning trades, and one or two losing ones... See yourself cutting your

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On Making Risk Less Risky

by Ladonna Davidson on Feb 22, 2008 General Finance 262 Views

By Paul Dubsky: Bearing in mind, that risk itself is similar to taking a journey towards a target you are not sure to reach safely, it is fair to assume that the less knowledge we have about a particular thing we wish to engage in, the greater the uncertainty we will fac

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