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Forex Trading Systems - Getting The RIGHT One

by vectramind on Jun 06, 2008 Forex Trading Systems 437 Views

By Harold Hsu: Many new traders look for the 'best' and 'most effective' trading system to purchase without realizing that there's no such thing. However, a trading system can be an effective medium to learn more about the Forex market. Good systems provide a benchmark

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Forex Trading Education - The Role Of Demo Trading

by Danielle Franklin on Jun 07, 2008 Forex Education 450 Views

By Harold Hsu: Most inexperienced traders are advised to begin trading using a demo account. While this may generally be a wise move, it's not always a good idea to demo trade all the time. In this article, I will discuss the role of demo trading, and its implications f

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Forex Chart Tutorial - Triangles

by Danielle Franklin on Jun 08, 2008 Forex Education 440 Views

By Harold Hsu: Many Forex traders like to use technical analysis to help them make trading decisions. In this article on technical charts, I'll discuss the uses and implications of the triangle candlestick pattern. What Is A 'Triangle'? Triangle patterns are r

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Forex Trader Training - The 4 Essential Skills

by Danielle Franklin on Jun 09, 2008 Forex Education 427 Views

By Harold Hsu: Many people think that Forex trading is an exciting and sexy activity. Unfortunately, this is only true for the losing traders. To the people who actually make money, Forex trading is a boring and dreadfully repetitive. Why is this so? In this article, I'

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Forex Currency Pairs - Understanding the Basics Of Forex Investing

by joe Chalhoub on Jun 10, 2008 Forex Trading Analysis 398 Views

By Paul Elms: When you are trading in the Forex market, the trading is always done in pairs. One currency of the pair is bought and the other is sold. These are called Forex currency pairs, but in practical terms they can be thought of as one unit. Together they make u

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Learn Currency Trading - Simple Strategy for Huge Profits

by Mary MacArthur on Jun 11, 2008 Forex Trading Strategies 237 Views

By kelly Price: If you want to learn currency trading then you need to have a plan and that means a logical and proven forex trading strategy to help you enjoy currency trading success. Here we are going to give you a trading strategy that works and you can learn and app

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Feb 15, 2008 - Weekly Wrap-up,16 Winners, 4 Break Even, 1 Loss, Net Profit $3,000

by Mirko Simic on Jun 12, 2008 Forex Trading Experience 336 Views

By Ron Lewis: As is my usual custom, I thought it would be a good idea to evaluate how my strategies did this week. One of the things I think that is imperative for a new trader (or any trader for that matter) to do is spend time every day/week going over the day's/wee

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